Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority

Fulton Atlanta Community
Action Authority


SENIORS, please beware of scammers posing as LIHEAP representatives and inquiring about Medicaid/Medicare. We see ALL applicants face-to-face. Do not share any personal information over the phone.

Our Story

The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) is one of twenty Community Action Agencies (CAA) in Georgia. We opened our doors in 1991 to provide a wide array of services to low-income individuals and families in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County. Since its inception, FACAA has helped more than one million residents through the carefully planned administration of social services, advocacy, and community education. We empower citizens to become self-sufficient by offering programs and services that enable individuals and families to emerge from economic despair, prevent homelessness, and enhance educational goals for an improved quality of life.

“Community Action Agencies are local private and public non-profit organizations that carry out the Community Action Program. In 1964, the U.S. poverty rate (income-based) included 19 percent of Americans. Rising political forces demanded change. Under a new White House Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), the concept of the federally-funded, local Community Action Program (CAP)—delivered by a local Community Action Agency (CAA), in a nationwide Community Action Network—would become the primary vehicle for a new, federal War on Poverty.”

– Wikipedia

The mission of the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority is just as relevant today as it was when we started and we passionately continue our work to make a positive impact in the community.

Helping People, Teaching Poverty Free Living, Changing Lives

Mobilize Resources

Mobilize resources through a network of programs and services: Emergency Financial Assistance (LIHEAP, Food and Housing Assistance, Employment Readiness Support, Transportation and Education) which is facilitated through applications and classes.

Provision of Access

The provision of access to public policy, economic and social institutions that serve low-income citizens This feature involves community education, empowerment to challenge problems, and motivating citizens to exercise their voice in all matters that affect them.


Educate the community at large (groups, legislators, policy makers) to the needs, interests, aspirations, and accomplishments of low-income people. Our ultimate aim is to demonstrate that all citizens are important and can play a role in making a community active and viable.

Affordable Housing

Provide affordable, safe, decent housing and supportive services to citizens of Fulton County and Atlanta. Along with home-building or rehabilitation, FACAA is a housing counseling agency which also trains youth to become future home builders.

Professional Memberships

FACAA has active memberships in several associations. At the state level, the Georgia Community Action Association (GCAA) consists of FACAA and 19 other agencies. Regionally, the Southeastern Association of Community Action Agencies (SEACAA) covers 5 states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. At the national level, the National Community Action Partnership (CAP) encompasses over 1100 agencies across 50 states.